Beam me up, Gibby!

Join our Strava Club for all the latest info on the November 21st send: It’s a Schlammer Ding Dang up Gibraltar, a foot race and cycling climb that ends with a socially responsible get together with prizes, refreshments, and community building.

The Course:

Gibraltar. Arguably one of the toughest climbs in California, this 6.13 miler that climbs 2,593 feet up the coastal side of the Sierra Madre mountain range sits above Santa Barbara. Starting in the foothills, the climb heads to the Camino Cielo, a ridge road named after the sky and home to trailheads leading back down into the city. This pavement draped down the mountain averages 8% over a highly variable range, with its steepest bitch of a pitch in the final parts of the climb. Cyclists, runners, mountain bikers, shit even eliptigoers hit Gibraltar for training, sanity, personal challenges or just take in the views.

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