Beam Me Up, Gibby!

November 21 we will gather across all disciplines in a non-traditional unsanctioned self-supported collective race/event/fashion show/challenge up Gibraltar Rd. At the finish, the athletes will gather after leaving it all on the pavement so all that is left is the present bonds strengthened into a community of endurance nuts, the kind of endurance nuts who take the time to train and notice their environment. The kind of community that recognizes our earth and nature is our home.

Update: Covid-safe gathering at the intersection of E. Camino Cielo and Gibraltar Rd to begin at 12pm. No official start time – just make it up by noon!

About PilotLight

An unexpected friendship between cyclist and trail runner.

The Course

6.13 miles. 2,593 ft of vert. Not for the feeble-legged.


Do it for the glory, or do it for the swag. Or both.

The best rule of conduct is to laugh at everything.

Lao tzu